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    Shelle Rose Charvet


    Kevin Coates


    “I had an interest in NLP from several colleagues explaining how it had assisted them to better understand themselves and in turn understand others. I was fortunate to have Lorna as my instructor, trainer and mentor through my NLP Practitioners Training. Lorna has a deep understanding and knowledge of NLP and can explain and teach NLP in a way that greatly assists people to understand and learn the NLP principles and practices and in turn themselves. Lorna is also a great mentor and continues to assist and develop her students after completion of training. NLP has helped me to better understand people and the games and politics that are played out every day in corporate life. Lorna has also trained and worked with one of my colleagues and has also assisted him greatly in his life journey. Lorna is generous with her time and strives to assist and motivate her students and graduates to learn and grow. I cannot recommend Lorna highly enough as a world class Master trainer and Mentor in NLP.”

    Robyn Donnelly


    “I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lorna at a networking meeting. After getting to know her and realising her extensive knowledge on NLP I had no hesitation in booking into her NLP Practitioners more info here and download brochure here Training. She offers immense value for practical, thorough and accredited NLP training – if I had of known just how valuable and enlightening the information was she offered before I did my training I would have signed up earlier. Her course changed my life in a powerful way. I have gained immense clarity, tools and the ability to move forward with passion and purpose in my life and career.Lorna has an amazing ability to make you feel at home straight away with her integrity, honesty, professionalism and warmth. She goes over and beyond to ensure your training is an enjoyable experience in a safe and warm environment. I have seen other students get massive results that change their world and see them living a more purposeful life. I can’t recommend Lorna enough. She gives so much to so many people because she is passionate about what she does. Lorna has assisted me with projects for the long term unemployed. She has left them feeling inspired by giving them the tools to deal with everyday life. After her training the students are more confident and capable of moving forward in their lives.”

    Elsa Susana Dominguez Caballero


    “It’s is both, a pleasure and an honor for me to recommend Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta for being a member of your organization. I’ve known her personally and professionally for over 8 years now, being a dear friend to me and a wonderful and admirable trainer.I truly believe that a trainer’s effectiveness comes from the quality of the relationship he or she builds with the trainees, and I think this is one of the most amazing skills I recognize in Lorna. She has trained herself in so many places, lines and with different trainers, so her knowledge background is very solid, and she has a lot of information and wisdom to share. Nevertheless, I think that the reason she actually gets her message across in a powerful way is because she is an honest and congruent person, who focuses first on building the warm space where people can fill welcome and held, and then be open to learning and personal growth. She is always proactive and careful with details, she sincerely cares for the people around her and she’s kind and generous. She is authentic, creative and she captivates her audiences with her sense of humor. She is confident and she has great presentation skills, and the ability to support each person’s learning path in a smooth and subtle way. I’ve learnt very much from her, and I’m absolutely sure she will contribute and enrich your organization.”

    Robert Dilts


    “I’m Robert Dilts; one of the original co-developers of NLP and author of over 20 books on the application of NLP on a variety of areas. I’m a co-founder of NLP university, Santa Cruz California, the birthplace of NLP. I just want to say that I am proud to have Lorna as one of a handful of affiliated NLPU trainers.

    Lorna has attended our NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Master Trainer programs here at NLPU, and also been a resource person at a variety of trainings that we do here. As an affiliate trainer, Lorna’s work is completely in line with the vision and values of our NLP University.

    I personally appreciate the unique creativity that she brings to our NLP material, to even make it more. I want to recommend Lorna’s Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs as being completely congruent with the level of quality and standards of the training that we have at our NLP University.”

    Judith Delozier


    “I want everyone to know that I have been training NLP for most of 40 years, Co facilitating many trainings and seminars with John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Judith Lowe and many more wonderful and intelligent people. I have met lots of amazing learners from many places on the globe and let me say, Lorna is one is a million.

    Lorna is a master trainer, yes, an educator who can bring many practical skills and models to her students. However, she is so much more, she is also a wonderful mentor and sponsor. She shares her life experiences with great authenticity. She is fun and extremely creative. She takes what she learns and makes it better. She knows how to support the context or field of learning and covering all the spaces which is so important in learning. On top of that Lorna has a very deep and wide knowledge of NLP. She has studied with many of the best NLP trainers.

    I am proud to walk the path of NLP with Lorna, as a friend and colleague.”

    Bobby G. Bodenhamer


    “I am delighted to recommend to you Mrs. Lorna Bukkland. In my opinion, Lorna is one of the most highly trained persons in all of NLP.

    Few have surpassed her hunger for more and more knowledge in these helping disciplines. Lorna puts all of this knowledge of how the brain processes information to use, along with Heart and Gut intelligences in assisting her clients in gaining a much more complete and balanced life. I am happy to recommend Lorna as an NLP Trainer and for her NLP trainings.

    You will not find a more committed and compassionate person than she. Lorna understands how childhood emotional and physical pain creates beliefs, values, memories, understandings, etc. that lead to poor decision making in their adult lives. These disciplines that Lorna knows well allows her to discover their wisdom and uncover these emotional hurts and lead the client to bring healing of the hurts through reframing. She is a real “Jewel”

    Suzi Smith


    “I have been involved in NLP since 1983 and have conducted trainings in many different countries since being certified as an NLP Trainer. For 20 years, I co-trained NLP with Tim Hallbom. We also owned a large NLP Center in Salt Lake City and produced a successful, informative NLP Journal called Anchor Point for many years.

    I have been involved with Lorna Bukkland for over 7 years through NLPU in Santa Cruz. Lorna assisted with many of the programs that are offered there – the Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer Programs were all fortunate to have Lorna as a Resource Person and Coordinator. Her up-beat attitude and can do manner make her easy to work with. She cares deeply for people and is great at supporting them in many different ways so they can achieve their goals. Lorna goes the extra mile without being asked.”

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