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NLP Master Practitioner

NLPU Affiliated 3rd Generation

NLP Master Practitioner Certification – NLP Coach Certification

Internationally Accredited

15 Days Classroom (over 5 months)

NLPU – Robert Dilts certificate

Learning How to Put All the Pieces Together

We Guarantee You will receive All the Materials You Need To Begin Working With Your Own Clients

USB Files, Charts, Worksheets, Resources, Practitioner Assist Cards etc


14th of JANUARY 2022 

Module 1: January 14th, 15th, 16th 2022

Module 2: February 11th, 12th, 13th 2022

Module 3: March 11th, 12th, 13th 2022

Module 4: April 8th, 9th, 10th 2022

Module 5: May 6th, 7th, 8th 2022


Pay in FULL by Friday 17th December 2021

NORMALLY $6950.00  EARLY BIRD $5,950.00



We will deliver virtually.

Master Practitioner Certification

The Best Value for Investment NLP Master Practitioner & Coach Training

Discover Advanced Ways of Communication More Effectively at Deeper Level of Awareness to Enhancing Your Leadership, NLP, Coaching, Mentoring, Training Skills, both Personally and Professionally

NLPU Affiliated Master Practitioner & NLP Coach Certificate.

Robert Dilts NLPU Certified

LAB Profile Certification, NLPU Coach Certification, Master Hypnotist,

will be awarded to those who fully participate in the full program, Have Fully Paid and has successfully completed all of the assessments.

Discover How Your Brains are Processing information, Making Meaning, Creating Connection, Preserving Self For Maximum Success Professionally as well as Optimum Health & Wellbeing

Prerequisite For Being Accepted In This Master Practitioner Training

is the completion of an approved Recognised NLP Practitioner level training,the certificate will be required as proof. You will be required to sit an entranceCompetency Preview before being accepted into this training.

  • The NLPU Affiliated Master Practitioner

  • is designed to provide participants with the conceptual, analytical, observational and interactive skills necessary to achieve advanced NLP competence at the conscious and unconscious level, you will deepen your understanding and practice of NLP as you explore in this 15 day intensive training. Most of our Master Practitioner students are recommended to this training by colleagues, friends, or graduates from the program, we welcome people from all NLP institutes who have completed their NLP Practitioner certification, on completition of the Entrance Competency review.

  • “Mastery” level of NLP (3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner Certification)

  • involves many hours of study, practice, and application both in and out of the training experience. Since we put a premium value on competency, practical knowledge, and ability to apply to self and others, certification depends not only upon attendance and involvement at the training but demonstration of practice.

  • 3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner 

  • allows you to master the NLP applications, Develop an elegance of NLP, Become a Master communicator, Develop a Laser Beam Focus by aligning your unconscious Values and Beliefs, Enhance your skills in Leadership, Management, Therapy and Coaching taking your mind to much higher levels as you Create and Model Excellence in your life.

  • In the NLP Practitioner level certification

  • you were introduced to the structure and strategies of your thinking, and became familiar with patterns to reprogram unconscious habits as you discovered the importance of observation skills, rapport, strategies and the power of precision language.

  • 3rd Generation NLP

  • introduces you to new skills that have evolved in the field of NLP over the years. You will gain a better understanding of how you create your meanings out of what happens and is said to you (semantics), and how you get those meanings incorporated into your mind-body system (neurology). 3rd Generation NLP introduces more on a Somantic level of integration. You will also gain a greater understanding of how these meanings drive your behaviours and how these behaviours determine and limit or enhance your success, or failure.

  • The 3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner training

  • leads to your personal mastery of some of the most effective tools for change that exist in our world today. It is about developing elegantly your competency at using many of the NLP skills simultaneously and becoming innovative and creative in how you use them…as you participate and commit to developing more. It is about challenging yourself to explore many new possibilities and taking many steps beyond basic NLP into reaching your potential. It is about mastering the many numerous elements and applications of NLP and becoming a licensed Master NLP Practitioner.

    You will learn how to apply NLP in many different applications including Business, Leadership, Education, Physical and Mental Health, social applications, creativity, Personally and so much more.