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Conscious Leadership

What are you wanting to Change in your life personally?
What are you wanting to develop and change professionally?
Are you wanting to upskill for supporting or coaching others?
Are you ready to changing your direction in life?


I would like to welcome you to my new Website and hope you enjoy discovering the many ways in which you can begin enriching your own life both personally and Professionally.

As one of Australia’s most experienced NLP Trainers having trained with over 100 trainers internationally, I am now offering in Australia live (depending on COVID travel restrictions), and internationally virtually, the Collective Intelligences Leadership Academy unique programs creating Successful Mindsets and Conscious Leadership, bringing together over 30 years of experience, skills and wisdom, presenting these programs for Professionals, Corporations, Universities, Medical field, Coaches, Trainers, SME’s, for greater communicating and Relating skills.

Discovering the rewards of Collectively Contributing, Collaborating, Creating and Communicating in your own professional/personal areas of life.

I am grateful over the years to have been enriched by many lifelong NLP friends internationally, My many Trainers who are my mentors, who are continuously supporting, encouraging, contributing and celebrating with me my successes on my own journey of development.

The Difference That Makes The Difference

Whether it is discovering how you are seeing or doing things, how you are communicating with self or others, becoming more inspired and motivated, we offer you a range of trainings that will suit all of your present needs with Personal Development, Professional Development, NLP, Collective Intelligences Coaching, Conscious Leadership, we also customise trainings for your special requirements in your company or workplace. Check out below what is available for your needs,
and connect with us for further support.

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Why Study With
Collective Intelligences Leadership Academy?

you will be Joining a supportive community and receiving comprehensive knowledge,
where you will be learning how to be getting it into 'the muscle'.

  • A Certification That Comes With Real Skills

  • Don’t just settle for a piece of paper. Our cetification programs are designed for you in becoming confident. Discovering HOW to be translating your Information into Knowledge, Mastery and Action. Getting an Internationally recognised certification that counts.

  • Discovering Your Motivation Traits

  • What makes people tick? What values and beliefs are influencing how you
     are thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving?
    Having more awareness, being in the moent, totally present, asking the appropriate questions, you will begin  discovering your motivational traits.

  • Tapping Into Your Unique Intelligences

  • What resources and knowledge do you have available right now?
    What information are you gathering in your unconscious mind?
    What connections are you making from your past experiences that
    you can now be turning into lifetime wisdom?

  • Developing Professionally & Personally

  • Discovering what the difference is that makes the difference in both your personal and professional life. Gaining mastery over how you are responding
    to your challenges, and helping to influence how others do too.

  • Communicating More Effectively

  • You have your own map of reality. By learning to understand not only from your own reality, being able to become aware of and have an understanding of not only the content of what is occurring, also being able to recognise the context in which the communication is taking place, and what others are saying. You will begin communicating more deeply and effectively.

  • Getting Ongoing Support & Encouragement

  • A Collective Intelligences Leadership Academy workshop or training is just the start of your learning journey. If you have questions or are needing some support after your training, we are always here for support!



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